Constant Green Dot Projecting 505nm 5mW to 100mW Green Laser Diode Modules

If users are not able to make clear enough dot alignment at various work distances, it is not simply relying on the use of a green laser pointer. However, when users are looking for high efficiency and high accuracy dot alignment onto different targeting surfaces, it is making good job with a 505nm green laser diode module. It is not as bright as a 532nm green DPSS laser system, when it generating highly visible green laser light from 505nm green laser diode within 5mW to 100mW, after special use of an external electric power source and good thermal emitting system, it is just performing well with high quality green laser light emission and highly clear green dot measurement for those of high tech and industrial precise dot measuring work fields.

505nm green laser diode module
505nm green laser diode module

In order to make clear dot alignment onto a lot of working surfaces, 505nm green laser diode module always passes through a series of beam stability tests before it is available on the laser market. Any time it gets strict beam stability tests, including super rapid electric current adding test, alternative high and low temperature changing test and up to 24 hours aging preventing test, it just achieves good performance and excellent laser light cycling use. When it is making continuous green alignment laser dot projection within 8 to 10 hours, after leaving enough time and space for tube cooling down, this 505nm green laser achieves excellent laser light cycling use and the most reliable green dot projection in long time use.
No matter what kind of working surface it is pointing, including those of high tech, laser optical instrument, scientific research and lab experiment work fields, 505nm green laser diode module gets serious need of highly clear and accurate dot generation. It is applying qualified glass coated lens, equipping with a glass window in front of laser beam aperture, this 505nm green laser has just achieved high transmittance blue laser light emission, and the clearest dot generation within the maximum work distance of 25 meters and high lighting occasions as well.
With the assistance of a laser alignment mounting bracket, no any longer limited by long distance, high height, 505nm green laser diode module with 16mm and 26mm diameter tube just allows the most convenient installation. It is also operating easy and quick as an accessory part. Within the maximum installed distance of 3 meters, it assures no barrier and no mistake dot alignment constantly. When users are paying high attention to any thermal energy hurt to human eyes, after correct wearing of laser safety glasses and avoiding eye exposure to beam aperture, this green alignment laser just makes safe alignment perfectly.