5mW Glass Coated Lens Green Line Laser Module

What is the correct selection for users to make highly clear and accurate line alignment in close distance? A lot of users might firstly think of formal use of line drawing or printing with a square meter, block board or triangular meter etc. However, in order to assure high level of accuracy line projection at quite close distance, it is a major trend to adopt a 5mW green line laser module. Laser tech engineer is not simply relying on simple dot laser pointer. On contrary, after selection of qualified glass coated lens and thermal emitting system, this laser line generator is becoming a practically applied line alignment tool, applying for highly accurate and quick response line projection in close distance efficiently.

green line laser module
green line laser module

It is not easy to make accurate enough line projection at close distance. However, 5mW glass lens green line laser module is playing an important part for any type of industrial line measuring works. It is only projecting highly sensitive and easily absorbing green laser light from 532nm green DPSS laser system. Among all kinds of visible laser devices, owing to its middle wavelength and quite low beam divergence, this laser line generator is performing the best while comparing with formal red, blue or blue violet laser devices. When it gets quite special use of adjustable focus lens, only after quite easy screw of laser beam aperture part, this alignment laser enables immediate laser light concentration and the finest green reference line projection in continuous use.
Although line alignment is processing within close distance, however, 5mW green line laser module is still in serious need of the most accurate line projection in use. Comparing with a quite simple plastic coated lens made laser line device, the operation of glass coated lens made line laser alignment tool is achieving even higher linear quality and higher straightness green reference line projection in use. Every time there is quite strict laser beam stability tests and up to 24 hours aging preventing tests, under correct use by skilled users and professionals, it is always keeping highly fine and accurate green reference line projection, without any appearance of laser light decay or dim in long time use.
According to easy selection of optic lens degree within 10 degree to 110 degree, green line laser module enables highly fine green line projection with different line length and thickness. After quite simple adjustment of laser beam focus, this alignment laser achieves as fine as 0.3mm at about 10cm, which can also be adjusting with 1mm to 2mm line thickness at about 2 meters distance from beam aperture. Under basic measurement of work distance, line length and line thickness, only if this laser line generator is properly recommending with correct optic lens degree, it gets the most accurate line generation in all working occasions effectively.