Easy Positioning 515nm Green Laser Diode Module

In any possibility of highly clear and accurate enough dot alignment, either close distance or long distance, any manual dot-projecting tool is not comparable with a 515nm green laser diode module. It is an industrial stabilized dot alignment tool. From the very beginning design of green dot laser, it is developing with inner metal heat sink cooling system and qualified glass coated lens inside its durable metal housing tube. Either it is adopting 16mm or 26mm diameter aluminum alloy housing tube, only after its proper installation and adjustment of both beam focus and dot projecting direction, it makes sure of highly rapid and precise dot indication onto all working surfaces.

515nm green dot laser module
515nm green dot laser module

This 515nm green laser diode module is performing perfectly in any type of industrial and high tech dot measuring work fields. It is not the same as a formal forest green laser pointer, which is far more enough to only used for temporary dot positioning work. However, only after its proper use of an external AC/DC adapter, accepting wide range electric current of 100V to 240V, this forest green dot laser is applying for various working environments, but also keeping work with constant forest green laser beam and forest green dot indication onto any vertical or horizontal surface.
When it is pointing onto different working surfaces, 515nm green laser diode module should be performing with clear dot indication. It enables freely selected output power from 5mW to 50mW. The selection of low power 515nm green laser is only used for inner room and close distance, and high power green laser up to 30mW to 50mW would make quite satisfied dot positioning results for both long distance and high lighting. At the same time, whenever it is making continuous dot alignment, it should also avoid operation under sunlight. Even though it takes high thermal consumption, only if this dot laser alignment is selecting correct operating voltage of 5V, 9V 1000mA DC power supply, it just ensures highly clear and accurate enough dot indication in all occasions effectively.
On basis of quite special use of APC, ACC driving circuit board, not affecting at all by increasing temperature and serious electric current impact, 515nm green laser diode module is not only getting reduced possibility of tube burning out or damage, but also assuring the most stable forest green dot indication within constant use of 8 to 10 hours per day. When this compact size green alignment laser makes quite easy adjustment of laser beam focus, within freely installed distance of 3 meters, it makes sure of the most precise dot measurement for all precise device manufacturing works. When users are paying high attention to any thermal energy hurt to eyes and wearing correct laser safety glasses, high power green dot laser up to 50mW just makes highly secured and free use permanently.