Direct Diode Emission 520nm Green Line Laser Module

In any type of industrial and high tech line measuring work field, either it is pointing at long distance or other hard reaching places, any manual or mechanical line aligning tool cannot be comparable with an advanced laser tech applying device of 520nm green line laser module. It employs import 520nm green laser diode as beam emitting source, only after its high attention to thermal emitting and qualified optic lens with different fan angles, it is able to work with extremely fine and straight forest green line projection at various work distances. When this compact structure made laser line generator gets correct installation and adjustment to correct position, it just makes high precision and quick response line alignment onto multiple surfaces.

520nm Green Line Laser Module
520nm Green Line Laser Module

This 520nm green line laser module is getting a bit shorter wavelength than 532nm green DPSS laser. However, the direct diode emission has just made it workable with even more stable and reliable performance in continuous use. It pays high attention to industrial stabilization in continuous use. Selecting import 520nm green laser diode as beam emitting source, after basic use of inner metal heat sink cooling system, this laser line generator always gets at least 3 times better thermal emitting in continuous use. In addition, the durable aircraft used aluminum alloy housing tube always makes perfect protection of laser tube from any mechanical moving or shocking.
Comparing with any other visible laser devices, high power 520nm green line laser module is taking even higher thermal consumption in use. Lower power within 5mW to 20mW is enough to adopt 5V 1000mA DC power, while high power green laser up to 30mW to 50mW is equipping with higher operating voltage of 12V 1000mA DC power. This laser line generator just achieves highly intense forest green laser beam emission and highly clear forest green line alignment within the maximum work distances of 25 meters and other high lighting occasions. For the most important of all, extending electric wires always make perfect protection of laser module from any overheating and over current in continuous use.
According to basic equipment of laser alignment mounting bracket, 520nm green line laser module enables the most convenient installation onto any industrial machine or device. It is making no barrier and non contact line indication onto various targeting surfaces. When users are selecting correct output power and fan angle from glass coated lens or separate crystal lens, only after proper adjustment of laser beam focus, this alignment laser gets required line fineness and the most precise line indication onto multiple targeting surfaces. Whenever users are paying special attention to laser safety issue and wearing correct laser safety glasses, it achieves highly secured and quick line indication onto all surfaces.

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