DC Power 515nm 50mW Green Cross Line Laser Module

What is the best solution for users to make highly clear cross line alignment at great distance? It is not helpful at all to relying on prior manual cross line drawing device. In order to make the lowest time spending and reduced relying on manual labor force input, it should be much efficient solution to try 515nm 50mW green cross line laser module. It makes perfect use of import 515nm green laser diode. Different from advanced 532nm green DPSS laser tech, this direct diode emission green laser alignment achieves even more stable and reliable performance in continuous use.

515nm green cross line laser module
515nm green cross line laser module

Owing to quite special use of 515nm green laser diode, this forest green laser beam emitting 50mW 515nm green cross line laser module be super great technical innovation. It is getting a bit shorter wavelength than 532nm green DPSS laser. However, after basic use of inner metal heat sink cooling system and cooper made 515nm green laser diode core part inside durable metal housing tube, green laser alignment is always workable with increasing laser beam stability and highly clear cross line generation at great distance and formal lighting working occasions.
Different from a quite simple green laser pointer with simple alkaline battery power source, 515nm 50mW green cross line laser module is workable with even higher thermal consumption. It is selecting higher operating voltage of 9V 1000mA DC power supply as electric power source, which is supporting cross laser alignment with continuous and highly stable forest green vertical and horizontal lines generation with accurate 90 degrees. For the most important of all, even though it is pointing for quite long time, however, the special designed electric wires have just protected green laser from any overheating and over current in constant use. In formal industrial and high tech cross line alignment work, within continuous cross line projection within 8 to 10 hours, it is able to work with highly intense green laser beam emission and extremely clear cross line alignment as long as 25 meters.
When 50mW 515nm green cross line laser module is operating in multiple working environments, it should have to get strong environmental stabilization. The advanced use of qualified glass coated lens enables freely selected optic lens degree of 10, 15 and 110 degree, which is achieving different dimension cross line source at various work distances effectively. Users should make basic measurement of cross line length, fineness and work distance, after correct selection of fan angle and output power, this alignment laser makes high precision measurement immediately. Whenever the most powerful green laser light and thermal energy are projecting from beam aperture, it brings hurt to human eyes seriously. After correct wearing of laser safety glasses and proper adjustment of laser beam focus, it makes precise and safe measurement effectively.

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