Easy Projecting Power 150mW Green Dot Laser Module

Not easily relying on any manual dot projecting device, in order to make quite easy and immediate dot positioning result at quite long work distance and other high lighting working occasions, it is becoming quite nice experience to make use of a high power 150mW green dot laser module. It is projecting high brightness and high power green laser light from beam aperture. When it is generating high sensitivity green laser light and getting quite low laser beam divergence laser beam, this dot laser alignment tool is just able to work with extremely clear and compact size green reference dot projection in distance.

532nm green dot laser module
532nm green dot laser module

This high power 150mW green dot laser module is emitting highly bright green laser light from 532nm green DPSS laser system. It is a quite advanced laser dot measuring tool. In quite long time dot measuring work, it is adopting external DC input power supply and separate metal heat sink cooling system. Comparing with formal power made laser device, it leaves even larger space for thermal emitting system. The adoption of aircraft used aluminum alloy housing tube is working perfectly with thermal conductivity. Under quite harsh working occasion of mechanical moving or calibration, it is not affecting at all, but always keeping highly reliable and stable dot positioning result in continuous use.
According to quite easy use of a DC input power supply with higher operating voltage of 12V 1000mA, high power 150mW green dot laser module is accepting operation within wide range electric current within 100V to 240V, and keeping continuous and highly clear green reference dot projection in use. When there is serious increasing temperature and serious electric current impact, the real green laser dot alignment is not affecting at all. Usually within daily continuous dot alignment work of 8 to 10 hours per day, it is getting the most efficient thermal emitting and extremely stable dot positioning result constantly.
No matter what kind of working occasion it is pointing, even though some of working place is quite complex, high power 150mW green dot laser module enables quite convenient use under the assistance of laser alignment mounting bracket. The special electric wires extension for both green alignment laser and DC power source enables convenient installation, and then generating no barrier and high speed green dot on any vertical or horizontal surface. Any possibility of eye exposure to beam aperture might cause serious hurt to human eyes. When users are remembering to wear professional laser safety glasses and avoiding eye exposure to beam aperture, high power green laser achieves high security measurement perfectly.

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