Energy Saving High Power Green Laser Diode Module

Without any worrying about dot alignment accuracy and working efficiency, it is a major trend for users to try high power green laser diode module. It is projecting the most easily absorbed and the brightest green laser light from 532nm green DPSS laser system. Whenever it is being made with perfect thermal emitting system and getting constant electric power source, it is obtaining super stable and clear green reference dot projection in continuous use. This industrial stabilized green laser device just allows quite convenient installation and adjustment, and then generating the clearest dot positioning result for all high lighting and long distance working occasions effectively.

high power 200mW green laser diode module
high power 200mW green laser diode module

In a lot of industrial and high tech dot measuring work fields, high power green laser diode is always playing quite important role for precise dot alignment work. It is designed with quite high power up to 150mW to 200mW. Although it is able to be made with even higher output power up to 300mW, however, it is not recommended since such high power green DPSS laser system is always taking quite higher thermal consumption than formal direct diode emission laser device. Under condition engineers or skilled users are in need of high power green laser, 515nm laser diode made direct diode laser module would also be quite nice choice.
Owing to the most powerful green laser light emission, and invisible laser light under sunlight, high power green laser diode module should also be used without sunlight, and then it will make quite satisfied dot positioning result under high lighting as well. Besides the use of the most durable aircraft used aluminum alloy housing tube, this high power dot laser alignment tool also gets specially designed separate metal heat sink cooling system. There is always quite large space leaving for thermal emitting, and then achieving extremely stable and reliable green reference dot projection in long term use.
When high power green laser diode module gets constant electric power from DC input power supply, it makes continuous green reference dot projection from beam aperture immediately. It is also being made with APC, ACC driving circuit board, under the most serious electric current impacting and increasing temperature, this alignment laser is recommended to work not exceeding 8 to 10 hours per day. Only if there is enough time leaving for laser tube cooling down and being used with high attention to the most powerful green laser light and thermal energy, after professional wearing of laser safety glasses, this industrial green dot laser fulfills easy and clear dot alignment permanently.

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