Adjusted Fineness of 520nm Green Line Laser Module

If there is not a quite efficient solution for users to make fine and accurate line alignment as expected, it is not workable at all to adopt a simple manual or mechanical line aligning device as expected. When users are trying to make clear enough line positioning results as expected, on basis of constant work on 520nm green line laser module, it is able to work with super fine green reference line projection from beam aperture. Under condition that this compact structure laser line generator gets easy installation and adjustment to correct position, it achieves quite satisfied line alignment result easily.

520nm green line laser module
520nm green line laser module

When line alignment work is processed for quite long time, 520nm green line laser module would be made with super strong industrial stabilization. It should be made with superior nice thermal emitting than formal green laser pointer device. For instance, according to the use of inner metal heat sink cooling system, owing to its better thermal emitting than formal air or water cooling system, this laser line generator achieves quite larger space leaving for laser tube cooling down and highly stable and reliable green reference line projection in long time use. The selection of external DC input power supply also leaves quite larger space for thermal emitting and then obtaining good laser light cycling use.
In order to get various line lengths in use, 520nm green line laser module is designed with the best quality glass coated lens or separate crystal lens. When direct 520nm green laser diode is applied for such green laser, it is getting even more stable performance than formal 532nm green DPSS laser. Either formal Gaussian or non Gaussian distribution green laser light it is emitted, green reference line is keeping super fine and straight performance. Available with wide range optic lens degree of 10 to 110 degree, after production of various line length within 0.5 meter to 6 meters, this laser line generator makes highly clear line generation on any vertical or horizontal surface easily.
In any working occasion where users are trying to make clear line alignment on multiple targeting surfaces, 520nm green line laser module is workable conveniently under assistance of laser alignment mounting bracket. When it is projecting non contact green alignment laser line from beam aperture, it is just indicating users with the clearest line positioning result, without any barrier at all. Under high attention to thermal energy produced from high power, it is a necessity to wear professional laser safety glasses until achieving easy and safe positioning result constantly.

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