Highly Accurate Powell Lens Green Line Laser Module

When laser tech engineer is making super great technical innovation of industrial line aligning device, it is just a super great technical creation for users to make use of Powell lens green line laser module. Comparing with formal green laser pointer device, it is getting modifying laser light in type of a highly straight green reference line. Under condition that the genuine laser line alignment is processed with correct output power and optic lens degree, configured with correct operating voltage DC power supply, it is achieving the most satisfied line generation on all raw material surfaces.

green line laser module
green line laser module

Under special need of the most line alignment on multiple targeting surfaces, Powell lens green line laser module is available with wide rang optic lens degree within 10 to 93 degree. It is achieving non Gaussian distribution green laser beam from beam aperture, which is forming into highly brightness green reference line with same brightness from middle part towards both ends. The whole process of laser line alignment is achieving the finest line positioning result while comparing with formal plastic coated lens or glass coated lens, also ensuring no decay light emission in continuous work.
Whatever kind of working surfaces it is pointed, including those of quite hard reaching places, Powell lens green line laser module gets wide range output power of 5mW to 100mW, however, it is only made with quite small size tube diameter of 16mm or 26mm. This durable aircraft used aluminum alloy housing made laser line generator assures superior nice thermal conductivity. Even though some of working place gets much lower temperature than formal room, only after quite easy preheating of laser module tube within 30 seconds, it recovers highly bright and visible green reference line projection in distance immediately. In addition, only if users are selecting green laser alignment tool with higher power, it will also make sure of highly bright line alignment for black, red and dark color working surface easily.
In occasion that some of working place is not easy to reach, under the assistance of laser alignment mounting bracket, green line laser module enables the most convenient line projection on any vertical or horizontal surface. Green alignment laser line is noncontact with any raw material surface. The whole process of laser line alignment leaves no track on targeting surface, but also assuring quite convenient line generation within the maximum work distance of 25 meters. When there is quite powerful green laser light and thermal energy produced from beam aperture, after correct wearing of laser safety glasses, this industrial stabilized alignment achieves highly secured measurement perfectly.

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