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Until the time users are trying to make quite clear and accurate dot positioning result on multiple working surfaces, on consideration of various working environments, it is being considered as a quite nice recommendation for users to adopt green dot laser module. It is a quite similar laser device as a green laser pointer. However, on consideration of excellent thermal emitting system and constant electric power source, this dot laser alignment is getting excellent industrial stabilization and always able to work with highly stable and clear green reference dot projection in distance effectively.

532nm green dot laser module
532nm green dot laser module

When green dot laser module is used for quite long time, it is getting inner metal heat sink cooling system. Even though it is only able to be made with 16mm or 26mm diameter tube, however, under operation of even better thermal emitting system than formal air or water cooling, it is just achieving super nice thermal emitting. In addition, according to perfect equipment with durable aircraft used aluminum alloy housing material, even though it is used under quite low or high temperature, it is not affected at all, but also keeping highly bright green reference dot projection in continuous work. In addition, after its easy installation and adjustment to correct position, it is just keeping stable performance, not affected by any mechanical shocking or moving etc.
According to the design with qualified glass coated lens, under quite strong laser beam transmittance and quite sensitive color green laser light emission from 532nm green DPSS laser, this green dot laser module is keeping extremely clear and accurate green reference dot projection in continuous work. In addition, when dot alignment is processed under quite harsh working environments, even though there is mechanical moving, calibration or shaking etc, this alignment laser is always keeping stable dot positioning result in use.
Under the assistance of laser alignment mounting bracket, within the maximum installation distance of 3 meters, green dot laser module always enables quite easy and convenient installation on any industrial machine or device. It is getting specially designed electric wires extension for both green laser alignment and DC power supply, without any barrier caused by long distance, high lighting and other complex working environments, this alignment laser makes the most convenient dot generation on any vertical or horizontal surface. Whenever users are paying special attention to powerful green laser light and thermal energy, only after proper wearing of laser safety glasses, it achieves the most satisfied dot positioning result perfectly.

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