The Finest Line Non Gaussian Bean Green Line Laser Module

If there is not clear solution for users to get fine and accurate enough line alignment on multiple raw material surfaces, it is not helpful for users to still keep in mind of manual line drawing or line printing devices. After the adoption of advanced laser tech applied green line laser module, generating non Gaussian beam distribution green laser light from qualified separate crystal lens, it is becoming the most practically used laser line alignment tool. When this laser line generator is selected with correct output power and optic lens degree, without any mistake caused by manual operation, this laser line alignment tool ensures quick and precise line alignment on any raw material surface.

green line laser module
green line laser module

It is a genuine experience for users to get super fine line generation on any raw material surface. When laser tech engineer is employing advanced 532nm green DPSS laser tech, after production into a real line alignment tool, it is also getting perfectly designed inner metal heat sink cooling system inside its aluminum alloy housing tube. In process of laser line alignment work, it is always leaving enough for laser tube cooling down. In addition, owing to its sensitive factor to any working environments, one it is used under quite lower temperature, this laser line generator should make preheating of laser tube within 30 seconds, it will recover highly bright and visible green reference line projection immediately.
When green line laser module is designed with separate crystal lens, it is keeping work with non Gaussian distribution green light from laser beam aperture. It is an industrial stabilization device. Even though green reference line is pointed on different working surface, it is keeping work with the same line brightness from middle part towards both ends, also keeping the clearest green reference line projection for any type of long term and long distance line alignment works. According to freely selected optic lens degree of 10 degree to 110 degree, this laser line generator is obtaining different line length and line thickness. Users should only make basic measurement of line length, line thickness and work distance from laser beam aperture, this green laser ensures no mistake line alignment constantly.
According to quite easy adjustment of laser beam focus and line targeting direction, green line laser module gets freely selected line thickness and length in use. It is an industrial stabilized laser device, under operation by skilled users or professionals, this alignment laser gets the most stable line aligning performance and extremely long serving lifetime in use. If users are taking laser safety measure and remembering to wear proper 532nm wavelength preventing laser safety goggles, this industrial stabilized line laser alignment tool ensures rapid and clear line measurement.

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