Convenient DC Power High Power Green Laser Diode Module

In any working occasion where users are trying to get no barrier dot alignment at quite long work distance, it is not helpful at all to still keeping in mind of simple dot projecting tool, such as a laser pointer or other manual dot indicating device etc. On contrary, in order to get quite convenient dot alignment on various raw material surface, it would be the best solution for users to adopt a high power green laser diode module. It is generating the most easily absorbed green laser light from 532nm green DPSS laser system. Owing to its quite low laser beam divergence of less than 1mard and quite special laser beam mode of Tem00, green reference dot is just available with the most compact size and good round shape, while will always make sure of easy and rapid dot generation on any raw material surface effectively.

532nm green laser diode module
532nm green laser diode module

The design of high power green laser diode module is different from any formal manual dot projecting device. In order to get quite convenient dot generation, it is selecting external electric power source. Instead of any extra time spending on battery power changing or seriously limitation by working space for its thermal emitting performance, this dot laser alignment tool is supported by DC input power supply. After wide range electric current acceptation within 100V to 240V, among majority of country and regions, it is easy to use and also getting continuous green dot projection from laser beam aperture.
Owing to the beginning high power up to 200mW, in order to fulfill highly accurate dot alignment, high power green laser diode module is just designed with high attention to industrial stabilization. It is employing the most durable aircraft used aluminum alloy housing tube, within quite wide range operating temperature of -10 degree to 45 degree Celsius, the genuine green dot projection is not affected at all. Even though the genuine green dot projection is processed under quite lower operating temperature, users should only make proper preheating of laser module tube within 30 seconds, it will recover quite bright green reference dot projection.
This high power green laser diode module is also a quite sensitive color laser device, once it is pointed on some of dark color, red or black color working surface, part of laser light is absorbed by human eyes. Users should just pay special attention to working environment, this alignment laser will finally obtain clear dot instruction. Whenever highly powerful and intense green laser light is generated from laser beam aperture, users should never make eye exposure and remember to wear 532nm wavelength preventing laser safety glasses until achieving easy and safe use constantly.

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