The Clearest Non Gaussian Distributed Green Line Laser Module

If there is not a quite convenient method for users to get fine and accurate enough line projection on any raw material surface, without the use of simple line printing or line drawing device, it would become quite easy work for users to get highly clear and fine enough green reference line with green line laser module in distance. In process of continuous line alignment work, the genuine line alignment has no need to make prior line positioning work, but just keeping work with high speed and high accuracy line projection on any vertical or horizontal surface effectively.

green line laser module
green line laser module

There are a lot of selections for users to make line alignment, however, in order to fulfill high work efficiency and high speed line alignment on desired working surfaces, green line laser module would be the only one choice. It is getting the best used of advanced 532nm green DPSS laser system, generating the most easily absorbed and the most sensitive color green light from beam aperture. On basis of quite low beam divergence of less than 1mard and special beam mode of TEM00, this laser line generator is also workable with the highest level of accuracy line projection in distance and high lighting working occasions effectively.
Whatever kind of working surface, on basis of the most qualified separate crystal lens, green line laser module is generating highly uniform distributed green laser light, and then achieving a high uniformity green reference line in distance. It is getting selected optic lens degree within 10 degree to 110 degree, which will obtain different line length within 0.5 meter to 6 meters. Green reference line is keeping the same brightness from middle part towards both ends. Especially in occasion it is used for quite long distance, this green line laser is keeping work with the highest level of accuracy line generation in use.
In order to get quite convenient line generation on multiple raw material surfaces, green line laser module is operate with the assistance of laser alignment mounting bracket. It is keeping work with the most convenient operation within three dimensions freely adjusted targeting direction, and then obtaining highly accurate line projection in distance and high lighting effectively. When quite powerful and intense green light is generated from beam aperture, it is only necessary for users to pay special attention to laser safety measure and wear 532nm wavelength preventing laser safety glasses until achieve secured and quick measurement perfectly.

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