High Intensity Light 532nm Glass Lens Green Line Laser Module

If users are trying to get highly clear and quick lien projection at quite long work distance, unless the adoption of any simple line drawing device, such as square meter or triangular meter, it is far more enough to get accurate enough line projection at quite longer distance than formal hand reaching. After the adoption of advanced 532nm green DPSS laser tech and quite low laser beam divergence, after production into a real laser line alignment tool, it is just keeping work with finest green reference line projection in distance. Users should only select correct output power and optic lens degree, after quite easy installation and adjustment to correct position; it will make quite easy and accurate green reference line projection in distance.

green line laser module
green line laser module

In formal industrial machinery processing works, the genuine line alignment is not just limited within hand reaching. However, with the assistance of a high brightness 532nm green line laser alignment, it is emitting the most easily absorbed green light to human eyes. If the genuine line alignment work is not processed under sunlight, a correct power made green laser will easily make sure of clear and fine enough line projection in distance and high lighting. When green reference line is pointed on dark color, black color or red color working surface, part of laser light is absorbed. Only if this laser line alignment tool is selected with higher output power than formal lighting used fields, it is just assuring the clearest line projection on any vertical or horizontal surface.
When line alignment work is processed at quite long work distance, after production with the most qualified separate crystal lens, green line laser module is generating the most uniform distributed green laser light from beam aperture. Green reference line is keeping the same line brightness from middle part towards both ends, available with up to 80% laser beam uniformity, it is getting the most accurate green line projection for any type of industrial and high tech precise line alignment works. In addition, according to quite easy screw of laser beam aperture, green light is concentrated temporarily, which is forming into the finest green reference line in distance.
Whatever kind of working surface, including those of hard reaching places, the genuine operation of green line laser module is easy and convenient. It is being made with the most durable structure within 16mm and 26mm diameter tube, it is installed on any machine or device, and then achieving highly accurate line projection under mechanical shocking, calibration or moving etc. Once line alignment is processed with a high power green alignment laser up to 50mW, in order to assure free and accurate line alignment, users should pay high attention to laser safety issue and wear 532nm wavelength preventing laser safety glasses until achieving excellent measurement perfectly.

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