Super Clear Beam Glass Lens Green Line Laser Module

Without worrying about work distance, high height and other complex working environments, after the use of advanced laser tech applied high brightness green line laser module, it would be an easy job for users to obtain fine and accurate enough green reference line projection in distance efficiently. When users are trying to make clear measure of line length, line thickness and work distance from beam aperture, after correct recommendation of output power and lens degree, this laser line generator makes sure of the most satisfied line generation on any vertical or horizontal surfaces effectively.

green line laser module
green line laser module

After the adoption of high brightness green laser light emission from 532nm green DPSS laser part, unless it is being used under sunlight, according to freely selected output power within 5mW to 100mW, green line laser module will easily make sure of highly clear and accurate green reference line projection in multiple working occasions easily. Whatever kind of working surface it is pointed, once line alignment is pointed on dark, black or red color working surface, part of green light is absorbed by working surface. Once users are selecting higher output power laser line device, it will make sure of clear and bright enough green reference line projection in such working occasion.
Owing to the adoption of qualified glass coated lens, after production into a real line aligning device, this green line laser module is available with much lower cost than separate crystal lens, but also getting clear enough line generation in distance. In addition, available with the selected optic lens degree of 10 degree to 110 degree, within the maximum line aligning work distance of 25 meters, this laser line generator can make sure of fine enough green reference line emission. For instance, green line thickness can be adjusted of only 1mm to 2mm at about 2 meters distance from beam aperture. Unless It is used under sunlight, green line with correct output power will get bright enough line projection in distance.
With the assistance of a laser alignment mounting bracket, even though line aligning work is processed at quite long distance or other hard reaching places, green line laser module is easily to achieve any working surface without barrier at all. According to quite easy screw of laser beam aperture, green alignment laser line thickness can be freely adjusted, and then achieving quite satisfied line generation for various industrial and high tech line measuring work fields. In occasion that high power green laser is used for long distance or high lighting, it is a necessity to wear 532nm wavelength preventing laser safety glasses until achieving no mistake line alignment constantly.

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