Mature Laser Diode Tech Applied 515nm Green Laser Line Generator

If there is quite long time spending on prior line positioning work, it is far more enough to only use simple line printing device, such as a simple square meter or blocking board. In process of quite accurate and rapid line alignment on various targeting surfaces, it would be the most marvelous experience for users to use a 515nm green laser line generator. When it is generating highly intense and bright green laser beam directly from 515nm green laser diode, on basis of direct laser light emission from 515nm green laser diode and excellent thermal emitting system, it is just becoming a real industrial stabilized laser line alignment device.

515nm green laser line generator
515nm green laser line generator

When line alignment work is processed for quite long time, formal line drawing or line printing device cannot be workable at all. However, the generating beam from 515nm green laser line generator is different from any manual or mechanical line aligning device etc. It is getting wide range output power from 5mW to 50mW, besides its highly visible green laser beam emission at several miles, it is also workable with highly clear forest green line projection in distance easily. In any occasion where users are trying to make quite accurate line projection with super fine and straight line aligning result, this green laser module is only allowing operation with the maximum work distance of 25 meters.
Not the same as formally used 532nm green DPSS laser, once 515nm green laser line generator is available with quite high power of 30mW to 50mW, it is taking even higher thermal consumption. Only if it is workable with even higher operating voltage of 9V DC input power supply, it will make sure of highly stable and reliable green reference line projection in continuous work. In process of constant line alignment under high temperature and strong corrosion, this alignment laser is not affected at all, but just maintaining excellent laser light cycling use and the most accurate green reference line projection in long term use.
Whatever kind of working surface, including those of complex and hard reaching working places, 515nm green laser line generator is just used as an accessory part. After the use of a laser alignment mounting bracket, within freely adjusted line targeting direction within three dimensions, it is making quite convenient and easy line generation on any vertical or horizontal surface quickly. Whenever users are paying high attention to powerful green light and thermal energy, after proper wearing of 515nm wavelength preventing laser safety glasses, this alignment laser makes sure of rapid and no mistake line generation perfectly.

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